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       Turgut Reis (Pasha) is named among the most important sailors both in his country and in the world. He became an important figure in the world literature as a grand admiral, a virtuous and fair administrator, and a leading Captain with his superior strategic thoughts and practices in sea battles in the XVIth Century World Maritime History , who put fear in the heart of rival armadas with his courage and boldness.

       Turgutreis Municipality organized the “1st Turgut Reis Turkish Maritime History Symposium” in order to glorify the memoir of this famous Turkish governor, as a town named after him, with the attendance of a number of academicians and researchers on 27th – 28th May 2011. As a pioneer in this field, this symposium has presented the current issues and matters of Turkish maritime around the legendary name of Turgut Reis in a generalized and comprehensive manner, blended with a historical perspective.

       Within this context, with the purpose of establishing a series of symposiums to turn it into a tradition with the mission of conveying Turgut Reis to next generations as a historical figure in a right way and carrying on his name to the future, this year the “2nd International Turgut Reis Turkish Maritime History Symposium” will be organized on the international platform.




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